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African Queen single hop IPA has been brewed with one of the most acknowledged South African hops - African Queen. This hop, specifically created for IPAs, contributes lemongrass, gooseberry and black currant notes. Celebrate every sip! 6.0% ALC. IBU 45

Naturally cloudy, our Weissbier is refreshing, light beer that can be enjoyed by the pint (or three) in the hot afternoon or with a juicy steak during dinner. This beer shows banana and clove character together with wheat aromas; high carbonation ensures head stability and lacing on the glass walls. To get the most taste, swirl before pouring! 4.8% ALC. IBU 15

Patiently matured for 10 weeks, Desert Ale is given a chance to fully develop Irish Red Ale style characteristics. Hints of caramel, dark berry notes and touch of roast unite to create each drop of this malty ale. 5.5% ALC. IBU 25

Designed to be refreshing yet with complex malty signature, Light in color and character. Free State lager is best enjoyed while experiencing hot weather; hence, in Bloemfontein, we can pour a glass every day! 4.8% ALC. IBU 15

Free State Lite is brewed with the finest malt, cereals, hops and German Lager yeast.  Refreshingly smooth and crisp, this easy-drinking lager delivers a distinctive taste.  There is nothing better after a hard day's work. 3.5 % ALC. IBU 12

Mangaung Gold is a premium lager. It has a refreshing but not overwhelming hop character and medium bitterness.  The presence of caramel malt renders it a smooth, malty finish. 4.8 % ALC. IBU 15

Our passion for quality stout led us to create the recipe for Noctis Stout. In abundance of speciality malts used in brewing Noctis results in chocolate, coffee and dark fruit undertones in this rich, full-bodied beer. A one of a kind experience, every time. 6.0% ALC. IBU 30