ICE Room

The Free State is known for being one of the coldest provinces during the winter months.  It was during the winter of 2018 that STELLAR hosted an event organized by the Free State’s Fermenters Club. The public had the opportunity to taste home brewed beers, brewed by members of the club.  Live music, konka-fires, together with some hearty winter dishes made the taste of STELLAR beer even more glorious.

If it wasn’t for this memorable evening, the acronym “ICE” would never have surfaced.  Located in the Industrial area of Bloemfontein, STELLAR aims to create a unique Craft beer experience to residents of Bloemfontein.  The acronym “ICE” stands for Industrial Craft Experience, which seems fitting as it was specifically developed to fulfill two requirements, which are:

  • Craft beer taste tours
  • A place where food, beer, and good company can be enjoyed