The ICE Room – Chill away from the sun

The brewery features a very classy taste room, the Ice Room, where beer and gin can be tasted for free. The lay-out is quite impressive, with beautiful wooden features and even an old piano standing ready if needed to help break the ice.

Next door is the restaurant, stylish, cool and inviting – the perfect hideaway on a hot summer day – with a clear view on the brewing systems.

The Beer Garden below, Stellar Corner with a pizza oven and braai, is the ideal venue to renew old friendships and build new ones around a cracker dish, with a refreshing, quality beer in hand. There is seating for around 60 people. The walls are still to be cladded and a data projector for sports viewing will be added, creating the perfect venue to watch sports games in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere – depending on whether the local teams are supported!

These venues are open to the public for tasting and meals from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and also for functions. Because of the growing popularity of the restaurant, it might be a good idea to book beforehand if you want to visit for a meal.

Stellar Brewery ICE Room Snacks

Home of beautiful food

Quite in tune with the strong bonds of friendship underlying the culture of Stellar, is the story of the restaurant at the brewery. Since the beginning of the company one major marketing strategy was to put up stalls at local markets, but also at art festivals like the Free State Arts Festival in Bloemfontein and Oppikoppi in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga.

At these festivals Stellar’s neighbour often turned out to be the food stall run by a couple from Bloemfontein, Cindy and Colleen Sinclair. The Sinclairs, respectively a programmer and a university lecturer with a doctorate in biokinetics, ran these stalls as a hobby and prepared delicious food. Soon strong bonds were formed and often the Sinclairs and the Stellar people exchanged wholesome food and beer while enjoying another’s company.

Then came the Covid time, with no festivals and markets allowed. Meanwhile the need arose at Stellar to open a kitchen, a restaurant supporting the principles of quality, friendship and a close connection to the region and its soil.

Towards the end of the lockdown, Anton Viljoen’s wife, Marlene, approached the Sinclairs with the request to consider becoming involved, and within weeks the couple started a restaurant at the brewery.

The Sinclairs believe in quality food, prepared and cooked from scratch. Many of the ingredients are either grown in their own garden, or specially produced for them by local farmers.

The proof is in the eating, and from its early days especially their woodfire cooked pizzas, mouth-watering steaks and palate pleasing platters have grown in popularity and more and more locals visit the brewery to enjoy these delicious meals.