About our Brewery

The 19th century, the start of the Industrial Revolution, is also when a historical building, situated on the East side of Bloemfontein, was located. Previously occupied by one of the most dynamic seafood companies, I&J, this building would later be the brewing place of STELLAR.

Historical buildings are most often the face of cities.  They tell stories of how the city has changed over time, yet preserving new buildings are considered to be much simpler and cheaper.  However, the owners of STELLAR saw the character and charm this historic building would offer which made the process of restoration seem less tedious.

A well-equipped building with ample production space was eventually the result of all the hard work, time and effort put in.  Not to mention the temperature-controlled conditioning rooms found in the underground chambers of this historic building.  These rooms are especially perfect for aging STELLAR’s boutique beers and spirits, another way in which STELLAR outwits their competition.

About Us

Between 2008 and 2016, the number of brewery establishments expanded by a factor of six, which almost made the market seem already saturated.  Nevertheless, STELLAR chose 2016 to be the year in which they joined this highly competitive and attractive niche consumer market.  Together, the brewing experience amounts to almost 35 years between the owners of STELLAR Brewery.

Producing the best quality craft beer is what they aim to achieve, also making sure that they brew according those beer styles enjoyed by people internationally.  Due to rising demand for our products, STELLAR has expanded into distilling and we can now offer locally distilled Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey in a large variety of offerings.